How is my cashback % decided?

Your cashback % is based on your position in the Firstlist. Here’s how it works:

  • You get a position on the Firstlist when you sign up.
  • Every time you refer a friend and they join the Firstlist, your position goes up.
  • Higher your position, higher the cashback you get!

Make sure your Firstlist position doesn't fall. Refer more friends and maintain your cashback.

If I refer the same number of people as someone else, how is my position decided?

In case of the same number of referrals made, the time that you signed up will be used to decide your position! i.e first come, first serve.

How do I find out my latest Firstlist position?

Your latest Firstlist position is always updated right here, on the Jupiter website.

How and when can I check my final Firstlist position?

You can check your final position right here on the Jupiter website when we launch! We’ll notify you when it’s time to take off. Until then, refer your friends to hold on to your Firstlist position and cashback!

What are the details of the cashback offer?

You get cashback % as per your Firstlist position for the first 3 months after the Jupiter app goes live.

  • Firstlist users have to create an account within 1 month of the Jupiter app going live to be eligible for the offer
  • Cashback applies on both UPI and Debit card spends
  • Limit - Upto ₹ 1000 per month to be credited as Jupiter reward points
  • Cashback for a month would be credited by 7th of the next month

After the first 3 months, you continue to get a cool 1% cashback. It pays to bank on Jupiter.

How will I get my reward when I open a Jupiter account?

Your cashback is reserved against the phone number you use to register on the Firstlist. Just make sure it’s linked to your Aadhaar.

How can I reach you?

Write to us at hello@jupiter.money